Made of 100% polyester

When I first started developing our fruit & vegie sack, I spent many hours on Google researching what fabric options I could use, including ones made of renewable materials. In this Google maze, I began to lose sight of what my primary aim was - to reduce the number of plastic bags used in grocery shopping. The only way to achieve this was to design a lightweight, durable and affordable bag.

The best fabric for “the job” was polyester - hands down.



  • The paper used for the packaging is made from brown kraft paper
  • The envelopes used for posting orders are made from 100% post consumer recycled paper
  • The Australia Post parcel satchels are recyclable



Our reusable fruit & vegie bags are made in Melbourne, Australia.


Care Instructions

The fabric used for our fruit and vegie sacks is unquestionably durable, strong and hard wearing. It is also light weight and see-through. That’s why we chose it!

But, as with most fine fabrics some care needs to be taken when using it, as finer fabrics are more susceptible to catching than thicker fabrics.

With this in mind, please watch out for sharp metal edges in shopping trolleys. Our suggestion is for the greensacks to be placed directly into your green shopping bags in lieu of placing them in the shopping trolley. Then you don’t have to worry!


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